Celebrating Women Leaders 2020 planning is under way!
We are excited to pair this event with a celebration of the TEMPO Waukesha 30th Anniversary. 

Grit and Courage Under Pressure:
Pearls of Wisdom from a Woman Leader

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at the Embassy Suites, Brookfield • 11:30am to 1:30pm 

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Moran and Jan Grimm
Committee: Lorna McDaniel, Jessi Bauer-Phipps, Nancy Seidl Nelson, Sany Siira, Deb Revolinksi, Elizabeth Sparks


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Please contact Jan Grimm if you would like to be a sponsor. 



Nominations this year will be accepted from both inside and outside of the TEMPO Waukesha member community.
More details will be coming this Summer with criteria and how to nominate.  



Contact the Celebrating Women Leaders Committee for any questions you may have at this time.





Thanks to all of our guests for joining us for the
2019 Celebrating Women Leaders event.



Deanna Singh was our featured speaker and talked with us about The Success of Failure
during a Q&A session facilitated by member,
Sandy Wysocki.  



 Nancy Seidl Nelson and Kelly Skindzelewski have shown exemplary leadership qualities throughout their careers, in their involvement in their communities and in their work with TEMPO Waukesha. 



 Thank you to our CWL Committee: 


Co-Chairs: Jennifer Moran and Nancy Seidl Nelson

Committee: Jessi Bauer-Phipps, Jennifer Hipkiss, Vicki Vought, Lisa Weisman





The purpose of TEMPO Waukesha is to empowerdevelop and support professional women connected to Waukesha County. Our annual Celebrating Women Leaders event honors the professional achievements of phenomenal women and encourages professional development through networking and inspiration. Thanks to the many generous companies who chose to sponsor this event. 
Pictured above: Sandy Wysocki, TEMPO Member, Vice President of Business Development with mueller QAAS, with Jim Mueller, mueller QAAS.


Past Leadership Award winners


Del Garcia, 2018
Rosanne McGuire, 2018
Susan Marshall, 2018
Peggy Stoop, 2017
Carrie Matteson, 2017
Ellen Langill, 2017
Annie Bartosz, 2015
Betty Arndt, 2013
Barbara Prindiville, 2011
Marie Kingsbury, 2011
Marie L. O'Brien, 2011
Allison Bussler, 2011