September TEMPO luncheon

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Today

Presented by: Pete Bacon, Chief Transformation Officer, ProHealth Care 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at Westmoor Country Club


Trends and Insights from an “Insider” 

  • How competitive is the healthcare market in Wisconsin and how does it compare to other states
  • Importance of Waukesha County to ProHealth
  • How is healthcare and consumers changing?  What should consumer consider when selecting a provider?
  • What does ProHealth see as the most pressing community issues that are health related? 
  • How is ProHealth trying to address the demand for employees?
  • Healthcare coverage is already part of the election debate. How does your business engage in the discussion?
  • Give us the fun facts.  How many people you employee, # of facilities, economic impact, care specialties etc.
  • Look into the future, will we all be diagnoses via our cellphones while home on the couch?  What does your crystal ball show?





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