Our Purpose

The purpose of Tempo® Waukesha is to educate, to promote personal and professional development, and to provide a setting for Waukesha County business and professional persons to meet and share common interests and experiences.

Our Tempo® Waukesha theme is:  Leaders committed to the future of Waukesha County.

Our Mission

Tempo® Waukesha is a non-profit organization for executive and professional persons in the Waukesha County area. It was established to provide a network for leaders and future leaders, to increase awareness of issues and trends within the community and to develop the strengths and talents of female executives.



 Jessica Bauer-Phipps  

Welcome to TEMPO Waukesha!  As an organization, we are passionate about enriching women and building professional relationships.  We provide a setting within Waukesha County to develop personal strengths, enhance executive talents, and increase awareness of issues/trends within our community. The positive impact of TEMPO Waukesha is the direct result of the commitment of its members.  We encourage you to participate in our monthly luncheons and see the great programing we have in store for you.

If you have ideas for future programs or have an announcement to share, please email us at info@tempowaukesha.com.




Review of 10/16/15 Celebrating Women Leaders Luncheon



Member Spotlight:

Lorna Schaefer


Name:  Lorna Schaefer 

Job title: Business Development Executive

Company or Organization: CC&N

In a nutshell, what you do: I am new to CC&N having only been here for about six months.  I had been at my previous position more than 20 years and due to my networking and friendships in Tempo, this opportunity at CC&N came via one of my Tempo sisters.

I am developing business relationships with companies that are looking for quality connectivity between people and technology by offering cabling and wireless solutions.