Celebrating Women Leaders highlights the achievements of outstanding female community and business leaders in Southeast Wisconsin. This year’s theme – Be Fearless – was inspired by the saying, “I’m not bossy, I have leadership skills,” as a way to highlight women who don’t always accept the status quo.

The 2022 Celebrating Women Leaders luncheon will be centered around the women in our community who have exemplified being fearless in their industries by taking calculated risks, stepping outside of the box, and lifting up other women in their spheres of influence.  

We are thrilled to promote this theme and bring together TEMPO Waukesha friends and members to celebrate the incredible women in our community. Nominations for the Professional Leadership and Community Leadership awards will be accepted shortly.

For sponsorship opportunities for this event, please reach out to co-chairs Monica Minor at [email protected] or Kelly Gerlach at [email protected]


2022 Co-Chairs: Monica Minor & Kelly Gerlach
2022 Committee: Michelle Dubord, Sara Clark, Stacy Lucus, Lorna McDaniel, Jessi Bauer-Phipps


Teri Lux, 2021
Jane Condon, 2021
Kelly Skindzelewski, 2019
Nancy Seidl Nelson, 2019
Del Garcia, 2018
Rosanne McGuire, 2018
Susan Marshall, 2018
Peggy Stoop, 2017
Carrie Matteson, 2017
Ellen Langill, 2017
Annie Bartosz, 2015
Betty Arndt, 2013
Barbara Prindiville, 2011
Marie Kingsbury, 2011
Marie L. O'Brien, 2011
Allison Bussler, 2011