TEMPO Waukesha is an all-volunteer association.  
Throughout our history, our members have given of their time 
and experience to create a thriving atmosphere for our 
membership.  Many great, long-lasting relationships and 
friendships have been formed through working together on 
committees that further our mission.  Active involvement is 
highly encouraged to get the most from your membership.  

The following committees are active and
welcoming to new
members - you determine how much time you have to offer.  
Many committees meet monthly and/or have an array of 
time commitments. 

If you are unable to join a committee, you may also consider contributing to a
when you are able to (often we are in need of printing brochures, staffing registration tables, 
seeking program speakers and more).

Kelly Skindzelewski - [email protected]

Help us continue to grow and bring in new women leaders that want to expand their sphere of influence. 
meets every other month to review applications, track new member prospects and seek ways
to add value and retain
current members.


Lisa Weisman, [email protected]

Our monthly lunches are the focal point of membership and provide a great atmosphere for networking 
and building
relationships. We solicit high profile presenters that speak on current events and 
professional/personal growth topics.
Ideally we strive to book our slate of presenters six months in
advance so we are able to promote the programs ahead
of time. The committee meets quarterly to
discuss topics of interest, potential presenters and other ideas that provide 
members an enriching lunch


Jennifer Moran,  [email protected]

Join us in getting the word out about Tempo Waukesha!  This important 
committee is tasked with communicating with members, potential members, and the community 
by creating announcements, updating the website, taking photos at luncheons/events for 
communication materials, promoting through social media, and collecting stories and 
testimonials from members and speakers. 


Community Impact
Nancy Seidl Nelson, [email protected]

This committee was recently formed with to identify outreach opportunities where our leadership could 
influence positive change
in Waukesha County by elevating the quality of life and overall prosperity for
those living, working and playing here. We intend to
work with our non-profits on drives and/or other
program areas of need and collaborate with the County Executive Office on regional

Celebrating Women Leaders Event
Jen Moran [email protected] and Jan Grimm [email protected]

This signature event is held annually. The format is to provide well-known keynote speaker/s who 

addresses issues either impacting our region, our gender or overall current event and/or to honor and
recognize Waukesha County Women Leaders. The event is open to both genders and is a public
outreach event. It has served well promoting who we are and attracting new members. The committee
meets monthly to coordinate the event, seek sponsors, design advertising and promote event
regionally. This is an “all members” participation event - all members typically attend and also offer 
insight on sponsors or connections that can assist in developing a dynamic, successful event.

Social Committee 

This committee identifies opportunities to meet, outside of monthly luncheons, allowing members to come 
together and connect in a social environment. We currently have an active Book Club and are planning a 
Holiday event, to name a few.