Our membership is passionate about the many non-profits serving our local community.  On a quarterly basis, TEMPO Waukesha's Community Impact Committee chooses and introduces a non-profit to members at monthly luncheons.   At each luncheon, members have the opportunity to hear about and/or support the highlighted organization.  Plowshare.

Plowshare is a non-profit center with a mission to “Create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world through socially responsible shopping and transformative educational experiences.”

Our Vision is to “Make Peace Relevant to the World Around Us” through three areas of action:

>  Work toward global economic justice by providing a marketplace for artisans in developing countries to ensure a fair wage for their work
>  Work toward global peace by being an educational resource for the community through educational programs
>  Work Toward personal and global peace by providing a forum for members of the community to discuss current local and global issues

Things that Plowshare could use in 2019…

> Things to help improve our retail security and prevent theft: Security mirrors, Security cameras, Other security devices

> Mobile credit card processing has been an issue: New iPad

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